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Chinese Exchange Instructor: Faculty Resources

Welcome to Highline Community College!  We want your experience here to be a good one.  Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything.

Instructional Duties

Depending on student enrollment and needs, the Chinese exchange faculty will teach between one and two courses per quarter. Information on the general yearly course plan, syllabi, and information on the students and books can be found here.

General Institutional Expectations for Visiting Faculty

  1. Prepare for and teach Chinese language classes effectively and hold office hours as appropriate with the teaching load.  This includes administering a final exam during the regularly scheduled time.  Please note the day and time for the final exam.  If you choose to travel during the breaks, you need to arrange for travel after you give the final exam.
  2. Attend the general faculty meetings and the Humanities division meetings.
  3. Participate in regular meetings with the mentoring committee.
  4. Observe at least two language class sessions taught by other World Languages instructors.
  5. Each quarter, prepare for teaching observation of one of your class sessions by the Humanities division chair or the World Languages coordinator.
  6. Administer an informal student evaluation in the middle of the quarter (week 5) and a formal student evaluation at the end of the quarter, using the World Languages form.