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Chinese Language Courses at Highline: Resources for Teaching

Yearly course offerings

Click on course name for link to syllabus




Chinese 121 (2 sections depending on demand)
Chinese 221 (depending on demand)
Chinese 122
Chinese 222  (depending on demand)
Chinese 123
Chinese 223 (depending on demand)


In fall of 2013, we will be using the online textbook ActiveChinese.

Students in these courses

Right now, enrollment in Chinese language courses is between 11-15 students in a section.  Because the course capacity is 25, we'd like to improve enrollment, but this is not the responsibility of the visiting faculty.    One of our recent Chinese exchange faculty members described the composition of students in the course as having the following:   international students (from Thailand, Japan, Vietnam), international students (from Japan, one-year exchange program), local American students (from high school), local students (for credit full time or part time).

Please note that these Chinese courses are not for native or heritage Chinese speakers (who may try to take the course for an "easy grade"). There is a statement in the syllabus regarding these students.

Good Teaching Practices in an American Classroom

In order to retain and engage students in an American classroom, we ask that visiting faculty familiarize themselves with key differences between students in Chinese classes and American classes.


Highline Community College students