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Faculty Support: Mentoring Committee

In order to support our visiting faculty member a mentoring committee will meet up to two times during the quarter with the visiting faculty member. This committee is comprised of the following people:



General Responsibilities

Wendy Swyt
 Division Chair, Humanities Arranges mentoring meetings for Chinese faculty.  Observes visiting faculty in the classroom.  Handles contractual obligations and responsibilities of faculty.
Will take visiting faculty to observe and meet at other local institutions.
Kathleen Hasselbad
Director, International Programs and Grants Arranges for housing.
Arline Garcia
Department Coordinator, World Languages Schedules courses for visiting faculty.  May do one observation.  Arranges for meetings of World Languages department.
Tianyi Tang
Faculty Liason Assists visiting faculty with technology in rooms, student lists, syllabi and book questions, general pedagogy
Lauri Spivey
Division Secretary, Humanities Arranges book orders, phone extension, office hours.  If you are sick and can't make class, please call Lauri at 205 592 3445.

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