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Ideas for Chinese Exchange Faculty

Your mentoring committee can help you set up any of the following opportunities:


  • Attend workshops and activities at the Teaching and Learning Center in building 9.  These activities are generally advertised through email.

  • Visit other classes -- perhaps you might observe an English College Composition class.  If you are interested in law, you might observe a paralegal class.

  • Meet with other faculty who share similar interests (American literature, philosophy, medicine) 
  • Attend meetings of key committees on campus that meet your interests.  Examples of committees that have a high impact on campus practices:
    • Faculty Senate
    • Student Outcomes and Competencies Committee

  • Attend local conferences  -- ask your mentoring committee about local conferences that focus on teaching.  Highline will pay for your registration and other required fees to attend.

  • Visit the University of Washington and/or other local community colleges.